Miracle Protein USA, has based his product line on extensive research of the needs of his clients over the past 15 years. With a B.S in business and economics and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, followed by a cosmetology license, jcrperez has worked in all facets of the hair business including color and product knowledge educator for three major hair product companies based in the USA and owner of Forma Hair Design Studio in Miami for 14 years, the exclusive salon for the renowned John Casablanca Modeling School of Florida.

Originally from Panama City, Panama, jcrperez came to the USA in 1974 on a tennis scholarship, while pursuing his B.S. degree from Shorter College in Rome, GA. He then completed his master’s degree from the University of Illinois at Springfield, IL. He went on to work for Bank of America in International Banking for over five years. After banking, jcrperez went into opening an import and export business while studying cosmetology as a side hobby. Eventually, jcrperez’s interest in cosmetology turned into a serious life passion, leading to him open his own hair salon in 1991. Currently, jcrperez works as a free-lance stylist in Miami, Fisher Island, Florida; New York, Boston, and Martha’s Vineyard.

“After studying the effects of different hair products on my clients, I decided to create a unique formula that would use the best combination of keratin and protein. I can see an immediate difference in the look and feel of my clients hair. And they are amazed by all the compliments they receive,” jcrperez said. “One of the reasons for developing this product was an unfortunate experience at age 7 of losing my hair from a hair infection at a salon in Panama. When it grew back, the hair was weaker, but there was nothing on the market that could help. Once practicing cosmetology I wanted to create a product to correct damaged hair, due to poor chemical services and environmental damages, something that could also enhance natural hair to restore its youthfulness.”

“One of my customers exclaimed that I had performed a ‘miracle’ on her daughter’s hair, after performing this treatment. She was one of the inspirations for the name of my new product line, Miracle Protein USA, “ jcrperez said.